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These are but a few of the many issues facing the United States.  Beginning in 2009, Jo Rae Perkins has talked with hundreds of Oregonians throughout Oregon asking them what their concerns are regarding the federal government and the United States of America.  The following are the issues mention most often by those Oregonians.

You are invited to check back on a regular basis as Jo Rae will be expanding upon these topics with her thoughts and possible solutions.

Balanced Budget Amendment is needed to end the out of control spending

Federal Lands: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution is superior to all federal laws or administrative rules

Foreign Policy: Stand by our allies, especially Israel

Gun Ownership: I support the 2nd Amendment as it is written

Immigration: If a country does not have clearly defined borders, they really do not have a country. The number one duty of the Federal Government is to protect the citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  To this end, Jo Rae Perkins feels there are several actions, when actively used, will do much to stem the influx of those who come into the United States illegally.
1. Build the Wall
2. Enforce the immigration laws
3. Use E-verify
4. End sanctuary cities and states
5. End the immigration lottery system
6. Limit chain migration
Jo Rae Perkins also feels there must be a solution to fixing the “Dreamer” issue. Please click on the link below to read her solution:

White Paper: Solution to Illegal Residents

National Debt: Exceeds $20 Trillion.
Cut duplicate and over reaching bureaucracy

National Defense: Continue President Trump’s plan to better equip our defenses

Pro-Life: I am 100% pro-life and believe life begins at conception

Term Limits: I support a Constitutional Amendment of no more than 12 years in total between the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate

Treaties: Benefit the U.S. and do not conflict with or supersede the U.S. Constitution

Veterans: Make permanent real changes that benefit our Veterans. Medical care from the medical provider of their choice.


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