March for Life Washington D.C. January 19, 2018:
President Trump

January 21st and 22nd – Speak Life!

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January 27th – 7th Annual Western Liberty Network Leadership & Activist Conference:

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2018 Oregon Liberty Alliance Rally – Feb 3

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Between Lambs & Lions this is a trailer for a movie my good friend Mark Sutherland is working on.

In a dystopian vision of the future, not far from now, leaders pay lip service to the democratic process in what is called the ‘New Republic’ – a shell of what previously was the Western world. Laws are ushered through the ‘House’ by un-elected ‘Members’ who agree with unanimous choruses of “Ayes”, stripping the nation of its last shreds of transparency, liberty and democracy. ‘Between Lambs and Lions’ follows Daniel Alesso, the one man who still believes in those values, being the thorn in the paw of the mighty totalitarian state. When the ‘House’ tries to pass a bill that outlaws any criticism of the regime and electing President Nebuchadnezzar ruler for life, he finally speaks out and begins to gain a following. Now a danger to the established elite will he be able to start the tides of change before they see fit to silence him???

Between Lambs and Lions from Between Lambs and Lions on Vimeo.